Birthday Party

published as “Solo Birthday” for DTS

We had been living in an apartment, but when the 4th child came along, there simply wasn’t room anymore.

We moved out of the city, to a smaller suburb. Homes were more affordable, the community was tighter, the crime rate was more reasonable.

“A nice place to raise a family.”

When you’re a shy, bookish, 11-year-old homeschooled kid, you don’t make friends quickly or easily. For all the benefits of the move, unfortunately, we were now an hour away from what friendships we had made.

My birthday falls right before Christmas- a scheduling nightmare.

New town.

Far away.

And that year, nobody came.

It’s ok- I was OK. Kids are resilient. 

But I learned that day hoping for something doesn’t mean it will happen;

So make a wish on those birthday candles, but eat the cake too.

Wardrobe and Prop Styling by Whitney Anne
Hair and Makeup by Andi Summers
Talent: Shelly and Khalil
Art Direction + Photography by me

Many thanks to David + Shaun at Death to Stock for sponsoring this story and helping us tell it well.